Obama Government launches plan for protection of personal data on the web

24 February 2012 | In News | 128 views | By

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 governo obama lana plano proteo dados pessoais

O governo dos Estados Unidos divulgou um projeto de Protection de Dados de Caráter Pessoal na Internet, in announcing the appointment of industry giants to respect the anonymity of its users, in particular with a specific function in browsers.

Following the model of “Declaration of the rights of citizens of the United States”, the Charter of rights and freedoms, pillar of the country's Constitution, the design of the “Charter for the protection of consumer data”, submitted by the Government of President Barack Obama, advocates a series of basic rights of internet users.

These rights include the right of consumers to have dominion over their personal data collected and used on the internet, respect for the “context” em que essas informações foram obtidas e a garantia de safety das mesmas. These same consumers will be able to access your data and, eventually, fix them, indicated the White House said Thursday in a statement.

Obama said in a statement that this letter will allow them to be established “rules to ensure that the personal data of American consumers are placed safely online”, and stated that “a confiança é crucial para o growth da economia digital”. The White House also revealed that “the big internet companies and online advertising networks have pledged to take measures to (integrate) the technology do anonimato à maioria dos navegadores para facilitar aos usuários o controle da forma como se faz o monitoramento na internet”.

“Companies representing nearly 90% online advertising, including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft e AOL, agreed to fulfil orders” of internet users who do not want to be tracked, According to the same source.

This agreement shall be supervised by the Department in charge of ensuring the fulfilment of the rights of consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC, the acronym in English). The White House includes this initiative as part of its campaign “We can't wait” to show the disposition of Obama to act in favor of the middle class.

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