The Pope's speeches and messages will be posted on Twitter

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 mensagens discursos papa sero postados twitter

O papa Bento XVI enviará suas messages após a oração do Ângelus e seus discursos mais importantes através da rede social Twitter, India said Thursday the head of the Vatican Congregation of Media, Claudio Maria Celli, the Radio Vaticana.

“We should also choose the start date for this, mas será o mais fast possível e isso está sendo estudado pelo Conselho Pontifício para a Comunicação Social”, said Celli. On Twitter the Pope also will post “seus discursos em other countries, When requesting collaboration, help for some form of necessity or in connection with certain typical religious festivities our calendar, as the message of Christmas and Easter”, continued.

Celli added that site was created Pope2you with the Pope's Lenten message, subdivided into 40 tweets, with short phrases and addressed mainly to young people. Once again, the Pope “demonstra a sensibilidade às novas technologies e à comunicação de sua palavra”, ensured the Vatican congregation responsible.

On the day 29 June of last year, Bento XVI inaugurou o novo portal multimídia do Vaticano na internet,, with a message on Twitter – the first time in history that a Pontiff has used this medium of communication.

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