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BingTHE Microsoft acaba de anunciar um novo recurso para o buscador Bing, called “Linked Pages” (“Linked pages”, in Portuguese).The goal, According to the website Search Engine Land, is to offer more personalized search results and rich.

For example: If you search by a surname of some friend of his, the social networking profile of this person might appear to you right at the top of search results. In addition, the feature allows the user to tell the Bing which pages are, really, of your friends.

THE tool ainda oferece a possibilidade de linkar resultados de buscas ao seu próprio perfil para que suas páginas estejam associadas a certos termos. The News ajudam os users a encontrar mais easily informações sobre seus amigos, but also gives Microsoft the opportunity to learn more about you and your circle of friendship.

For anyone who was interested and wants to start using “Linked Pages”, simply log into the site using your Facebook account. Then, Let Bing use their information and click “link to me” or “link to me”. To disassociate a searching result, just click on the button “unlink me”.

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