Implantable microchip company creates and wireless to patient medication

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Microchips da saúde

The MicroCHIPS, Massachusetts company, USA, just created a device that promises to make life easier for many patients. Eles desenvolveram um microchip implantável e wireless que pode entregar medicamentos diretamente no corpo do paciente.

The devices possuem reservatórios controláveis que guardam o medicamento. Like this, com a ajuda de um program pré-definido, a wireless transmitter or a built-in sensor, these shells may be opened and closed at any time, releasing the medication instantly and in correct quantity.

The chips were tested with 7 patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis (bone disease) they had between 65 and 70 years. With this disease, patients must receive a daily basis of injections, According to the website Med Gadgets.

All of them received the chips, in one method with painless and anaesthesia, According to the patients. The process takes less than 30 minutes to be finalized. The researchers concluded that the device and the medicines are combined and that the effect is biocompatible comparable to conventional method of injections.

They also managed to prove that the implant is able to deliver the medication at the correct time: “Um microchip que libera a medicação com consistência e eficiência during 12 the 24 months may improve bone mass, density 0., architecture and bone strength”, says Robert Neer, co-autor do estudo e Fundador e Diretor do Hospital General e Centro de Densidade Óssea de Massachusetts.

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