Soldier accused of leaking documents to WikiLeaks avoids talking on trial

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 soldado acusado vazar documentos wikileaks evita falar julgamento  O soldado americano Bradley Manning evitou nesta quinta-feira se declarar culpado ou inocente na primeira fase do conselho de guerra aberto para julgá-lo pelo vazamento de milhares de documents secretos dos Estados Unidos ao site WikiLeaks. In a hearing at Fort Meade (Maryland), Manning's lawyer, David Coombs asked for the postponement of a soldier's declaration, What could be a ploy to reduce the defendant's sentence. The military judge of the case, Col. Denise Lind, read the 22 charges against Manning, among them are: collaboration with the enemy, theft of public goods and documents, divulgação de informações relativas à defesa e violação do regulamento do program of safety de informações das Forças Armadas.

Manning, of 24 years, heard the audience in silence. He is alleged to have leaked tens of thousands of documents from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, In addition to u.s. diplomatic telegrams, When working as intelligence analyst. If found guilty, You can receive life imprisonment.

After reading allegations, He was asked if he wanted to continue with the current defence, composed of a civilian military Attorney and two, or switch to a military lawyer, but he said he prefers to follow with the current team. The defendant had also the option to propose how would you like to be judged: If a judge, who has the power to decide whether guilty or innocent; by a panel of officers; or by another panel type in which one third of appointed would be recruits, as Manning. The defendant chose not to choose.

The judge set the next hearing for the day 16 March. Manning's lawyer, que baseou sua defesa na alegação que o réu sofre problems mentais, asked by a maximum term of 30 years ' imprisonment. Manning worked as information officer in Iraq since October 2009 until his arrest in may 2010, When an informer of the Pentagon, Adrian Lamo, would have reported the soldier.

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