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 receita estuda criar declarao tablets

The IRS considers the creation of a specific version for tablets of income tax declaration (GO), that should be available in the next few years, reported on Thursday, Deputy Secretary of the organ, Zayda Manatta. She emphasized, However, the tool, as a means of delivery of the Declaration, may not come into operation.

According to the national supervisor of the income tax, Joaquim Adir, the Treasury will still compare the costs and benefits to verify the feasibility of development a system capable of tablet and smartphones. “We have doubts about the usefulness of this feature. We are still evaluating whether it is investing taxpayer money on a service that will only be used once per year”, pondered.

This year, the income tax declaration can only be filled in computers with applications the Java type and sent over the internet or by floppy disk. The paper delivery was extinct in the last year. The filler program can be downloaded from this Friday on the page

The taxpayer, However, You can only transmit the Declaration on March 1st, through the Receitanet program. Who have older versions of application should download the program again from that date. The deadline for submission of the Declaration ends in 30 April.

This year, revenue expects to receive 25 millions of documents. To avoid congestion on the page, revenue increased by 20% a capacidade dos computers que processam as declarações. This year, the system of tax authorities will be able to withstand 1 a million downloads per day of completing the Declaration and receive 3,5 million statements per day. According to technicians from Recipe, This is the volume recorded in the peak days, but the body can re-task computers if the demand increase than expected.

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