Oscar Awards 2012 have dessert with 3-d effect

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Oscar 2012Neste domingo acontece a 84ª editing do Oscar, evento que premia os best do cinema. In celebration of this year, many of the nominees to the figurine are 3D movies, Therefore, It is not difficult to venture a guess: esta será a edição com mais vencedores baseados na technology.

To get idea of how the Academy is ready to receive the winners in 3D, Wolfgang Puck, the official chef of baile pós-premiação, created what he calls “3D Dessert” (“dessert in 3D”, in Portuguese).Nobody knows for sure what it is about this invention, but, According to the website Slash Gear, It seems that the candy will give the illusion of being jumping out of the Bureau. According to Puck, that made the dessert using a pair of 3D glasses, guests will appreciate the delicacy with the glasses also.


One of the favourites for the best picture statuette is “The invention of Hugo Cabret”, first filme em 3D de Martin Scorsese e recordista do ano em indicações. Were ten in all, including the best picture and best adapted screenplay. However, Interestingly, another film and quoted in this issue was “The Artist”, que passa longe da technology 3(D). Incidentally, the movie is quite the opposite, It was filmed in black and white and is dumb. The film is a step backwards in terms of technology, However, are competing side by side with one of the most elaborate productions of Hollywood. A paradox, not?

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