Daylight saving time ends today

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horarioThe residents of Bahia and South regions, Southeast and Midwest should delay its clocks by one hour to 12:0 am this Sunday (26), com o fim do zone de verão. The measure aims to reduce power consumption during peak hours, increasing the safety of the system.

The federal Government's expectation is that this year the adoption of daylight saving time has generated a reduction between 4,5% and 5% the demand for energy during off-peak hours, in regions where the system was adopted. The total reduction of consumption for the country should stay around 0,5%, with a savings of between $ 75 million and R $ 100 million to the country during the period.

O principal ganho para a sociedade com a adoção do horário de verão é o aumento da segurança e da quality do suprimento de energia, According to the Secretary of Energy of the Ministry of mines and energy, Ildo Grüdtner. In addition, with the reduction in demand, There is no need to make new investments in hydroelectric power or trigger of thermoelectric plants to complement the power supply.

According to him, reducing energy consumption, provided by increasing the use of natural light, It is not enough to be felt in consumer Bill. "Consumers would feel if you had to make investments, There would be an increase in the electric bill ". Currently, several countries make shift in conventional time to better leverage the summer brightness.

In Brazil, daylight saving time was instituted for the first time in summer 1931/1932, by then President Getúlio Vargas. The measure is adopted always this time of year because of the increase in demand for energy, resultante do calor e do growth da produção industrial por causa do Natal. During this period, the days are longer because of the position of the Earth relative to the Sun, and natural luminosity can be better leveraged.

This year, daylight saving time began on 16 October, and had a week more, because the date set for the end of time differential, that is the third Sunday in February, in 2012 coincided with the holiday Carnival.

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