São Paulo will have more 100 surveillance cameras

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Camera SegurancaBy the end of March this year, 100 new smart cameras should flagrar the movement of expanded capital Center streets. Por meio de um programa de computer, the equipment is able to notify the monitoring central Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) about the presence of peddlers on the sidewalk or the beginning of a riot, for example.

At least 20 equipment already installed, segundo o secretário municipal de Safety Urbana, Edsom Ortega, que não revelou a localização dos devices. "The cameras were placed at strategic points. It is estimated that all are functioning in March ", said the Secretary in 9 February, during the official commitment.

Uma das main funções das novas câmeras dedos-duros da Prefeitura será combater o comércio ambulante. When someone stand still too long in the coverage area of the shoe, the GCM will receive alert Center. If the picture shows a ambulante, a guard may be sent to the site.

"This type of camera is suitable for large cities because they can be programmed to warn about several cases of infractions, como veículos na contramão ou em speed acima do permitido, formation of riots or nonstandard drive ", says security expert Felipe Gonçalves Silva, the FGS, security consulting.

According To Silva, the advantage is that the operator does not need to be watching the images all day. Just pay attention to alerts. "After seeing the picture of the same street, It is natural that he didn't notice some strange movements. A system like this will filter the most important to the operator ", says.

The President of the Sindicato dos Guardas Civis Metropolitanos da Cidade de São Paulo (Sindguardas), Carlos Augusto Souza Silva, don't see much advantage. "I met this equipment at a trade show last year security. It really is very good. But it's no use having cameras of first line if you don't have adequate manpower "criticizes the trade unionist. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paul.

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