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Padphone During the company's keynote at the event, was shown to visitors the Padphone.

According to ASUS, o Padphone é um híbrido entre tablet e smartphone, possessing qHD AMOLED screen of 4.3 inches, with processor Snapdragon S4, a model of two cores of Qualcomm. Fãs do Google vão gostar de saber que ele rodará o Android 4.0 – the popularly known “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Various components are also part of Padphone: 64GB space (However, only with using microSD card, not included with the appliance), Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI input. The device also will be supported on WCDMA and HSPA networks.

The question “hybrid” Padhone's lies in his compatibility with docks – those brackets that extend battery usage time – that add to the tablet function. Ele será acompanhado de um keyboard conectável, for essays and longer emails, mas aqueles mais apegados à função touchscreen poderão ter o control similar ao GalaxyTab, with the addition of a stylus that can be used to handle links.

ASUS gave evidence that the Padphone should be available for sale until April.

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