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windows 8The webdesigner Giosepe Luiz dos Santos, who is co-founder of the Group General Tips, fez uma avaliação completa sobre o Windows 8.

Below is the list of top items observed.


- Aparência e algumas funcionalidades muito semelhantes ao Android;
- If compared with the alpha version, There was an improvement in the Metro interface;
- Better compatibility with Windows drivers 7, But what there might be conflicts is with the video card;
- Improved boot screen, with options to reset, recover and restore the system;
- Less unstable alpha version;
- Inserting media player, viewed photos, PDF reader, social networks and messenger. All with the Metro interface;
- Removal of additional items of alpha version;
- Improvement in access to folders with the insertion of the ribbon menu (equal to the Office 2010);
- Deixei o computer 10 hours straight, connected and in idle (without use), didn't realize memory decrease. Unlike some previous systems;
- Windows basic theme 8, also has the Aero transparency as well as.

Problems encountered

- Erros ao tentar conectar/desconectar dual monitor (on some PCs);
- If left as main system, the user can heat up your head;
- Depending on the video driver, the user may have problems like dark screen;
- Some applications da interface Metro, still have problems, how Windows Reader (PDF reader);
- Internet Explorer 10, Metro version, After a few hours of use, simply disappears, but keeps the common version.

I advise to install?

If by for daily use, don't recommend, Since the system still has instabilities and error Windows. If it is for testing, It's a good sought.

Compared to Windows 7 What has improved?

He was much faster, and as much as people take to adapt or not feel beautiful, the Metro interface, causes the running programs and switching between them is much faster and cleaner looking.

See the photos of the Beta version of Windows 8 by clicking here.

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