Nasa says that suffered 13 hacker attacks on 2011

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hackerNasa said that hackers stole employee credentials and managed to access to critical projects in missions 2011 in 13 grandes violações às redes que poderiam prejudicar a safety nacional dos EUA.

O inspetor-General da Administração Nacional de Aeronáutica e do Espaço, Paul Martin, deposed this week in Congress on violations, They seem to be among the most significant from a range of security issues in federal agencies.

The space agency discovered in November that hackers, working from a Chinese IP address, lab network stormed the Jet Propulsion (JPL, acronym in English) Nasa's, reported Martin during his testimony disclosed on Wednesday (29). Um dos laboratórios main Nasa's, the JPL manages 23 spacecraft leading active space missions, including missions to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

He said that hackers had full access to the system, that allowed them to modify, copiar ou deletar documents delicados, create new user accounts and deploy new tools hackers to steal user credentials and jeopardize the Nasa systems. They were also able to modify the system accesses to hide their actions.

In another attack in the past year, attackers stole credentials to access the Nasa system of more than 150 employees.

Martin disse também que a Nasa tem sido devagar para codificar ou embaralhar os dados nos computers laptops para proteger a informação de cair nas mãos erradas.

A spokesman for the Space Agency told Reuters on Friday (2) they were implementing the recommendations made by the Inspector General.

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