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SundayTVThe Earth portal, Telefónica Group Brazil, will launch next Sunday, day 11, uma nova marca para o serviço dedicado de transmission online de vídeos, seeking to increase the offer in the segment to compete with companies like Netflix, Sky and NetMovies in Brazil.

The Earth already had similar service, the Earth Video Store, but this time will serve with a brand new and more content, mirando o growth da demanda por transmissão de videos, shows and television programs on the web, the so-called streaming.

A migração da platform online do Terra Video Store para o novo serviço SundayTV já começou e nasce com 500 thousand registered users and 75 mil subscribers, second note from Earth sent to Reuters. This represents, According to the company, 50 por cento de participação no mercado brasileiro.

The President of Earth, Fernando Wood, considers that this market move around 15 millions of dollars in Latin America, but with strong growth potential.

“We have growing expectations for that market this year, could even double or triple”, He told Reuters on Friday. He declined to comment on investment numbers, mas afirmou que o Terra tem investido firmemente em technology, content and, now, marketing.

Since the Netflix announced their entry into Brazil, in September last year, the streaming market in the country has accelerated. The Sky announced their product last month, While the NetMovies expanded the services in this area. The Net also has a remote rental service.

But the Earth will also seek to act internationally, and services also will be present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and must collide with the Netflix-who has 23 million subscribers worldwide, According to their website, and broad presence in Latin America.

There are future plans to expand ground operations for the markets of the United States and countries in Europe.

The monthly price of SundayTV is equal to your competitors, leaving about 15 reais, and the service will have over acquis 30 thousand titles, with Warner closed agreement, Disney, Fox and Sony. Other titles can be purchased that part, by 2,90 rREM

To differentiate from competitors, Wood asserts that the SundayTV differentiates itself by its multi-platform approach in diverse service offering-media-, local content and shows and with the well-known model “freemium”, complimentary blend sponsored by advertising and the premium segment, paid by subscribers.

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