The partners invest in the creation of the Wizard Akatus, mobile payments company

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akatusO mercado brasileiro acaba de ganhar uma nova empresa especializada em soluções para pagamentos online e mobile. Created by a group of investors led by Charse Equity Fund, commanded by Martins, Partner Wizard controller, among other brands of vocational and language education, the Akatus offers technology de pagamentos tanto para pequenos e médios comércios eletrônicos quanto para profissionais liberais e empreendedores individuais, especially those moving up to customers to perform sales.

Marcos Bueno, CEO of Akatus, emphasises that the company initially will focus its attention on those two markets, que vem apresentando growth consistente há vários anos e apresenta excelente oportunidade para o futuro. “Our expectation is to reach a volume of transactions of 2,5 million in the first year of operation”, says Bueno, that before the Presidency occupied the DinheiroMail. He adds that the individual entrepreneurs, as the sellers of door-to-door, represent a large part of our transaction volume of Akatus. “To do this, they will use the solution Akatus Mobile, virtual point of sale for making transactions by phone or tablet, accepting credit card payment system”.

With focus on medium and small electronic trades, the solution Akatus Online payment Intermediation offers to sellers all forms of payment as an option of sale and guarantee that no fraud, além de proporcionar aos compradores maior safety na transação, because the data are not passed on to the retailer.

In addition to the investment in technology, to reach these markets the Akatus will establish partnerships with application developers and also acts directly through agreements with companies that maintains strong performance in direct sales segment, as well as the electronic trades. “Vamos explorar todas as opportunities nesses dois mercados”, highlights Bueno.

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