Government asks for explanations on Facebook and Microsoft partnership

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facebook microsoftO governo brasileiro vai pedir explicações ao Facebook e à Microsoft sobre a parceria firmada pelas duas companies para o uso da tool de busca desta última na maior rede social do mundo. According to the Folha de S. Paul, the Secretariat of economic law (SDE), the Ministry of Justice, want to know to what extent negotiations were made, Since the organ should be notified of this type of partnership when done between companies with revenues exceeding $ 400 million annually. In addition to questioning if the case is merger or exchange of equity interest, the SDE wants to know if there is an exclusive contract, and if you restrict the search on Facebook to Bing doesn't hurt the laws about competition. In the past year, the social network has announced a partnership with the company founded by Bill Gates to that Bing was the tool used for searching within the site of 845 million members. Research done in Microsoft Personalization searcher also gain from social networking profile information.

Upon receipt of the notification of the Ministry of Justice, that must be sent on Tuesday, in accordance with the Folha de S. Paul, businesses will have 15 days to inform what was asked by SDE. Data such as the date on which the negotiations were held, turnover of each company and contract format must be among the information provided. If it is found to prejudice to competition, the Government may open a case against Facebook and Microsoft. In addition, If the Court of Justice considers that it should have been notified, can fine American Airlines $ values 60 thousand to R $ 6 million. The newspaper paulista Facebook says it no comments “speculations or rumors”, and Microsoft says is “available to provide appropriate clarification” If you are notified, but until Monday had not yet been.

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