An icon of iOS is larger than the entire screen of the Macintosh

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ios5Here are some numbers that give a knot on her head: the original Macintosh, released in 1984, had a monochrome screen 512 x 342 pixels. This means that the screen had 175.104 points. Today, iOS has icons 512 x 512 pixels, pixelsusing uma paleta de cores de 16,7 million de opções, In addition to 256 levels of transparency.

There Are 28 years, the monochrome icon Mac had 16 x 16 pixels. He had just 32 bytes of memory. Compare with each icon of 512 x 512 pixels of iOS. São necessárias quatro vezes mais memória de vídeo do que o Mac original tinha para representar um só ícone do iOS em tamanho complete. Obviously, iOS icons are not displayed on the screen with all this size. They are much smaller. However, eventualmente podemos esperar que no future tenhamos telas que utilizarão toda essa densidade de pixels.

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