Activists want to prevent operation of the nuclear power plant

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 ativistas querem impedir funcionamento usina nuclear  No dia seguinte ao aniversário de um ano do terremoto seguido por tsunami e acidentes radioativos no Japan, Japanese activists handed over to justice an application to prevent the reactivation of a nuclear plant in the center of the country.

In the request, signed by 259 people, they request the Court of Osaka that determines the outage of reactors 3 and 4 Hi power plant, in the vicinity of Fukui. The activists informed that the unit is in an area where earthquakes occur frequently. For environmentalists, the System of safety não é suficientemente resistente a eventuais sismos. Kiyoko Shimada, integrante do grupo de ativistas, said it is too early to reactivate the plant.

Esses reatores parecem ser os primeiros na lista do program de relançamento dos reatores nucleares no Japão desde o acidente de Fukushima, but as several central issues reached remain unresolved, It is too early for reactivation”, said Shimada. “Hi power plant is situated in area in which some experts say that the resistance to shocks is not enough”, said.

Yesterday (11), activists opposed to nuclear facilities in the region of protests stemmed from Fukushima Daiichi Plant, in the East of the country. In the region, a year ago, There were explosions and leaks radioactive. The activists demand the closure of all the power plants in Japan.

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