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tim betaIf you have tried several times and, so far, failed to win his chip Tim Beta doesn't miss the opportunity.

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On Easter Day (8/4) lucky three chips Tim Beta: one for our fans on Facebook, another for one of our followers on Twitter and another for our members on Orkut.

To participate is easy. See below.


If you are user of Facebook first short our fan page by clicking here. Then Click here to access our promotions page. Click Wanna Join and follow the steps.


If you have a profile on Twitter create a new tweet with the following message:

Or if you prefer simply retuíte this message.


The first step is Click here and join our Community on Orkut. Now Click here and complete the sentence: I'm a fan of Tips in General because… But attention, only worth one response per person and only in the official community on Orkut.


Below is the list of winners of the awards:

  • Elyara Carvalho
  • Tiely Carvalho
  • Helena Ferreira

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. In the future we will create promotions with other products for you. So do not forget to access the website tips in General and check out the best content related to Technology.

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