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FARO TECHNOLOGIES, INC. LOGOO software mais confiável do mundo para a technology de medição em 3D anunciou hoje o lançamento do SCENE 5.0, the ultimate software line of capture processing of point clouds for enterprise Focus3D. For the first time, users of the SCENE can view their true stereoscopic 3D scans in for unprecedented realism levels. The automatic thin Registry eliminates the need for artificial targets in many cases, to join the pieces of multiple scans, and the new database project allows enhanced levels of communication networks between users.

THE SCENE 5.0 contains automatic fine record, a new cloud-the cloud enhancement that reduces or eliminates the need for artificial targets positioning in various applications scanning, significantly reducing the time of post-processing. Instead of using spheres or trays, the software identifies prominent objects as corners, borders and other flat structures within the scanning and use them as reference points. These features help the show together and continuously scans multiple to form a complete and single points cloud. This new feature, exclusive SCENE 5.0, It also promotes Union scanned between remote users.

The project database is the newest way of FARO facilitate collaboration of scanning projects. This new feature stores project information continuously and a step-by-step history of each scanning project. Now, users can return to any step of a database quickly and easily scan, No matter where they may be in the process. They can also select which details view in a given project, allowing users to choose which level of detail view and reducing extraneous data points. THE SCENE 5.0 It also supports the new industry standard ASTM .a366, a data exchange format for manufacturer-independent binary data in 3D. Through this, os < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "hwPal55719046. hwClqnaj (" users "); return false;" style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = "hwPal55719046. hwShow (event, this, " users "); = "; = " hand " underline = "; " solid ";" onmouseout = "hwPal55719046. hideMaybe (this, " users "); = "; = " hand " underline = "; "; " dotted 1px" oncontextmenu = "return false;" > users can import and export data for scanning regardless of the particular product used to capture it .

New to the SCENE 5.0, stereoscopic visualization allows users to view their scanned in 3D-enabled monitors. The result is an additional level of detail and an enhanced sense of realism found in most movies film. For users in real estate markets, construction, renovation, between other, This 3D preview feature adds new dimensions to its literally work scanning. “THE SCENE 5.0 combines ease of use, networks of computers and an improved 3D experience to deliver a full scan processing solution,” said Oliver Burkler, Senior Technical Product Manager for Focus3D.

About FARO

The FARO is the world's most trusted source for 3D measuring technology. The company develops and markets devices and software visualization and measurement with the help of computer. FARO technology enables highly accurate 3D measurements, visualization and comparison of parts and composite structures within production processes and quality assurance. The devices are used to inspect components and assemblies, production planning, documentation of great spaces of volume or 3D structures, research and construction, as well as for research and reconstruction of local accident and crime scenes.

Around the world, approximately 13.000 customers are operating more than 26.000 FARO systems installations. The company's global headquarters are located in Lake Mary, Florida, its European headquarters in Stuttgart, Alemanha, and the array of Asia/Pacific in Singapore. The FARO has subsidiaries in Brazil, MeGermanyemanha, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Thailand and Japan.

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