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TOA TECHNOLOGIES LOGOWith a significant growth in revenues 2012 compared to last year, the TOA Technologies is expanding beyond the United States and Europe, where it already operates with success. The company aims to bring its award-winning ETAdirect platform, devoted to the management of mobile employees, to Latin America. With a dedicated team and expansion in the region, the TOA is investing to continue its progress in Latin America in 2012. “Business oriented field services in the Latin American region are starting to think differently about the management of their mobile teams and we are ready to become your partners,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and President of TOA Technologies.  ”The incredible success and the number of visitors that the TOA recorded in Field Service Latin America Conference 2012 was a proof of this new mindset. Our team heard representatives of cable TV companies, Telecommunication, serviços públicos e other services, who need advanced platforms to transform and optimize your mobile workforce with more than just allocating and appointment scheduling.

Field Service Latin America Conference 2012, held in São Paulo, of 6 the 8 March, o diretor regional de technology da TOA para a América Latina, Pedro Silva, participated in, together with Germano Vieira, Director of operations for TIM Brazil, in a Panel on how to create a strategic vision for the field services. The Panel discussed new trends that are bringing the need for optimization of mobile teams in Latin America, among them the emergence of a new type of hybrid and professionals, working remotely, discussing the growing value of consumer experience as front differential to competition.  Outro ponto discutido foi a importance de se ter uma solução para gestão de equipes remotas por meio de uma aplicativo móvel, via Internet, instead of an application that requires installation on a device.

“What the TOA Technologies provides caters directly to the Latin American market demand for a next-generation management of mobile teams. And our platform achieves this in a way that no other mobile teams management product on the market can claim that makes – It was time”, said Pedro Silva, regional director of TOA Technologies technology for Latin America. “Our patented engine analyses based on time offers the best management level, allocation, scheduling and customer communication possible nowadays. Companies benefit from more efficient and cost-effective operations and customers receive a better level of services, Since the waiting times may be precisely laid down in up to an hour.”

The solution for mobile teams management, ETAdirect, a flexible solution, cloud-based, configurable, is the only comprehensive enterprise product, based on the Internet, on the market. With time-based analysis technology, with self learning and predictive and fastest allocation and scheduling engine in the world, the solution to accurately allocates more than 10 thousand jobs in 4 minutes. Bringing the most advanced on the market mobility application, with the HTML5 protocol functions and robust offline browser, the ETAdirect serves as a central engine solution for managing appointments for many of its customers, offering a precise schedule of appointments and best services.

“The Latin America offers a tremendous opportunity for optimization of mobile teams and the TOA Technologies is already gaining a sustainable presence in the region,” said Brisker. “We continue striving to form our regional team dedicated and, with major contracts and strategic partnerships, the TOA is well positioned to become a leader in optimization of mobile teams in Latin America.”

A TOA Technologies é uma das principais fornecedoras de applications para gestão de equipes móveis on-demand for midsize and large enterprises. The ETAdirect, TOA's patented platform, improves customer service provided to the client, dramatically reduces operational costs and generates immediate return on investment. As the only complete solution on-demand the market that uses time-based analysis, the ETAdirect reduces customer wait time and increases the efficiency of foreign staff. The TOA system can be easily installed, configured and integrated into existing CRM solutions. The platform currently manages over ETAdirect 60 milhões de compromissos anualmente para muitas empresas globais de transmission via satélite/cabo/banda larga, Telecommunication, insurance, domestic services and retail. Chosen as the Best in its category and visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for field service Management in 2011, the TOA Technologies is headquartered in the United States and offices in Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit

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