APR Energy turns off power plant site on football field

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42 16935174As part of its overall goal of minimizing the environmental and social impacts of their temporary plants, the APR Energy transformed, recently, uma de suas centrais elétricas desativadas em campo de futebol para a Community. The field, located in Barranca, Costa Rica, foi oficialmente entregue pela APR a seus customers locations, in a ceremony that had a soccer game, the former workers of the plant took part in and local school children.

“As a premier provider of temporary power, We recognize that, Once a power station is turned off, the life of the community need to continue”, said the Vice-President of APR Energy for the Americas, Tirso Selman. “That is why one of our highest priorities is to ensure, When you disable a plant, that the land remain in lasting as good or better than it was when we occupy and, more than that, exert a positive impact in the community, to provide the local workforce skills you need to thrive, Once the term of temporary power supply contract expires”, declared.

The APR Energy conducts regular physical inspections on the ground and improvements in their centrais elétricas, during the phases of operation and project shutdown, helping to prevent or resolve any possible contamination problem that occurs. In addition, the APR provides a valuable technical skills training to their employees, in multiple fields, that can leverage in future careers, Once the contract with the APR Energy exits.

The APR Energy operating a temporary project of vine 90MW, in Barranca, Since the end of 2007, supplying power to the Companhia Nacional de Força e Luz da Costa Rica.

Currently, the APR Energy operates power plants in ten countries, globally, and employs more than 850 people – more than 80 percent of whom are local residents, of the community in which they work.

About the APR Energy

THE technology avançada de geração de energia da APR, the services completos de operação e manutenção e os termos comerciais flexíveis posicionaram a APR como uma líder no setor de centrais elétricas temporárias. The APR provides power generation solutions for public services companies and industrial customers around the world, with an emphasis on Africa, South America, Central America and Asia. The APR provides as high-priority offer a return to the communities it serves, dando apoio a diversas organizações e iniciativas locais nas áreas de saúde e educação.

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