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facebook liveThe LiveAD, integrated digital and PR Agency, It was one of the ten awarded agencies in the 1st Edition of the Facebook Studio Awards, which is defined as “a new award for a new kind of creativity”. The case chosen was the Nike Race Rio-SP, the only one in Latin America between more than 1000 actions entered in the world. This recognition reinforces the path of LiveAD fetching a tuned communication with the current movements of society. The Agency also was the first award-winning Brazilian in the category of PR in Cannes, em 2009, and the first finalist at SXSW Interactive in the activism categorin em 2011.

The jury is composed of Facebook Studio Awards leading creatives Jeff Benjamin, of CP&(B); Susan Credle, the Leo Burnett North America; Mark Darcy, global Director of creation of Facebook; Stephen Goldblatt, The Evolution Bureau; Nick Law, of R/GA North America and David Sable, of Y&R took as a basis the following categories:

social impact of the action;interactions conducted with the public;use of Facebook marketing;form of integration with other media;call for content sharing.

SP-Rio Race

The winning action from Facebook Studio Awards, made for Nike during the race SP-Rio has created the possibility of interaction of corridors that were the 600 Km between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with people who were not in the race. The carpets with the symbol LiveAD created button ENJOY, used on Facebook, that by being stepped on by each of 260 runners ran a commentary on their personal page on social networking.

Here's the video with the case in Portuguese.

To this immediate interaction between runner and Facebook users, LiveAD used technology RFID (abbreviation in English for Identificação por Rádio-freqüência) with a camera which recorded the passage of the athlete for a rug. The comment, that would be up automatically to the Facebook, came accompanied by an animated gif of the corridor – mounting via the video captured the moment he put his feet on the platform to enjoy.

A application on Facebook gathered all interactions of the participants of proof in one channel, allowing friends torcessem for them. Each one of the 20 teams had their profile and, in this way, created interaction between who was on the run and millions of Brazilians that accompanied via web. Runners also were encouraged to give depositions in a “the confessional” installed in the breaks of the steps of the race. The videos, which showed the feelings of the participants were also published in the application.

In just three days of action, the Fanpage “Nike Corre”, on Facebook, had an increase of approximately 20 thousand fans. In addition, all content created and shared on the race was over tanned 20 a thousand times and obtained other 600 shares. At the end of the project, “Nike Corre” had received 4,7 thousand comments. Alltogether, 2,9 million people were impacted by the action.

LiveAD, innovative agency

The LiveAD won the Festival de Cannes Lions in 2009 in the first year of the PR category. The winning action “Mil Casmurros” She was the winner of the Golden Lion in 2009 to promote the miniseries “Capitu”, Rede Globo, via involvement of thousand Internet surfers. They wrote a new book preview version of Dom Casmurro, Machado de Assis, through a collaborative digital reading.

In 2010, the LiveAD created to the Brokerage Souza Barros a kind of investment for the stock exchange trading of political actions. Users were claiming the action of politicians better considered for winning the elections of that year. The project won the Silver Lion in Cannes in 2010 and also was recognized with a Silver Award at the El Ojo de Iberoamerica, In addition to having been the only brasileiro among the 5 SXSW finalists 2011, Activism category.

About LiveAD

The LiveAD is a creative agency that believes in the potential of contemporary ideas and relevant, amplifying them through the use of integrated and digital PR. Currently meets the marks: Nike, Doritos, (C)&THE, Multishow, Lacoste, Ita, Hi, Ketel One, (J)&B and Baileys. Recently, the LiveAD joined the Society of Digital Agency (SoDA) , entity that brings together the world's leading digital agencies.

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