Mobile communications industry is creating a Connected Economy

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Mobile ConnectThe GSMA today announced the results of new research, demonstrating the positive economic impact, of long-term, global mobile communications industry. The search, made by a. T. Kearney, GSMA Wireless Intelligence and Machina Research, indicates that the revenue of the global mobile communications industry will grow from $ 1,5 trilhão, em 2011, to US $ 1,9 ttrillion ein2015. Os dados também permitem prever um growth significativo do emprego no setor de comunicações móveis: today, more than 8 millions of people, Around the world, they are employed by companies in the mobile ecosystem; and, until 2015, the number of people employed by the mobile communications sector will grow to, approximately, 10 million.

“The mobile communications industry is creating a “The Connected Economy” in the world, through investments in networks, creating jobs and contributing to public funds”, disse a diretora General the GSMA, Anne Bouverot. “It is clear, How to show economic indicators, the mobile communications industry is a success story, particularly amid prolonged world economic crisis. A fact possibly more powerful, However, is that mobile communications are transforming correlated industries, such as educação, health, payments and transactions, transporte e services de utilidade pública. Mobile communications are connecting the world, como nenhuma outra technology o fez antes”, declared.

Overview of the mobile communications industry: 2011-2015

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