Commercial bloggers want more respect for CEOs

21 March 2012 | In News | 183 views | By

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blogueirosBloggers believe that CEOs rarely take, If you are taking, the correct measures to engage them properly, of agreement with Search com blogueiros institucionais proeminentes, que cobrem as News de negócios e corporativas de mídias noticiosas comerciais, regional and national first line, by the 10 company and Gotham Research Group.

Among the largest frustrations with Executive Directors are:

- Lack of recognition of the power that is in the hands of the bloggers. Bloggers believe that its influence has already rivals that of traditional media journalists and probably will grow over time. Said a survey participant: “I have a lot more visitors than any person who writes in newspapers”.

- Lack of respect. Os blogueiros acreditam que os diretores executivos e o pessoal sênior de comunicação não prestam attention suficiente à blogosfera e são muito lentos para responder aos pedidos de informação. “It's amazing”, says a blogger, “How can they look at what we are writing about them?”

- Falta de access straight. Bloggers don't expect full access, but believe that interview once or twice per year is reasonable. They have less access than traditional media.

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