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estudantesEurope topped the u.s. in a new ranking of best cities around the world to study, This new ranking was first published by the same research group that publishes annually the QS World University Rankings ®.

Paris tops the list ahead of London, Boston and Melbourne, with other 6 completing the top ten cities. Singapore is the best Asian city on the list ahead of Hong Kong and Tokyo, While Australia is the only country with two top cities 10.

Based on 12 criteria , QS Best Student Cities 2012 takes into account the quality and the number of universities internationally higher seeded pairs , other factors also considered are quality of life, the cost of the studies and the local reputation of universities with employers.

Europe triumphs in quality of life and cost of studies, with the price of annuities under $ 1,000 in cities that are on the top 10 such as Paris, Vienna, Zurich and Berlin compared with $ 30,000 in the United States.Twenty European cities make the top 50 against with 9 cities of Asia and 9 cities in North America. There are four cities classified in Latin America: Buenos Aires (24), Mexico City (31)Santiago de Chile(41)and São Paulo(45).

London is the lider if we take the quality of their best universities,but Paris has a larger number of internationally renowned universities.

QS Best Student Cities 2012

1 -Paris
2 -London
3 -Boston
4 -Melbourne
5 – Vienna
6 – Sydney
7 – Zurich
8 – Berlin
9 -Dublin
10 -Montreal

QS Quacquarelli Symonds

Edouard Husson, Vice Chancellor of the universities of Paris : “This survey recognizes the vast international experience that Paris provides students. We have more globally recognised universities higher seeded pairs and any other city , Add to this the low tuition fees. Paris, has 4 universities of excellence as a result of competition INDEX .

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson: “I feel very happy to know that London once again confirmed to be one of the best places in the world to study. With the Games increasingly the next Olympic , London is undergoing several transformations. We have the doblo bookstores that New York and museums and Paris. , By the way, our museums are free.”

Executive Director of QS , Nunzio Quacquarelli: “Go to a University is more than just select the most prestigious institution.When a diverse range of factors is taken into account , cities in continental Europe , Australia and Asia offer distinct advantages to students.”

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