INOVA completes first sale and delivery of G3i, your seismic data acquisition system

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Inova GeophysicalINOVA Geophysical announced the first sale and delivery of G3i, your mega channel recording system that was released recently. O G3i é um avanço no campo da technology sísmica baseada em cabo terrestre porque fornece recursos flexíveis de gravação para operações menores de 2D até operações de 3D com contagem de canal ultra alta, offering a unique and robust platform system that reduces the amount of equipment needed in the field to have the best possible field operations. THE BGP, one of the largest contractors industry land, and with wide presence and expertise worldwide, bought this high-end system to use it immediately in Western China.

INOVA works closely with its customers to develop products that meet the requirements advanced techniques and the rigid field specifications to produce high-quality and consistent data. A BGP participou do development do G3i e do teste inicial no campo em novembro de 2011. After testing high Vibroseis Productivity (HPVS, their initials in English), in February, the BGP bought 5.000 original channels used in the initial test and commissioned more field 10.000 How to prepare for a great 3D HPVS project due to start in early April.

The Sr. Wang Tiejun, President of BGP, declared: “We are very impressed with the results of the field test of G3i. After you witness the functionality and robust character system, We believe that he will offer to geophysical work teams, as our, a competitive differentiator for an acquisition more productive and efficient. Com base no performance of the system, We believe that the system is an important equipment for G3i our teams because of their breadth and ability to meet our demands for high channel count acquisition. Due to the success of the two field tests, We are committed to an initial purchase 15.000 channels, which we plan to use in various important projects this year.”

Steve Hits, President and Chief Executive Officer of INOVA, said, “We work closely with our clients to develop our products and test them rigorously, both in the laboratory and in the field, until we are sure that they are ready for commercial use. The final field testing G3i attended our expectations and, What is more important, our customer's expectations. When the BGP chose G3i for immediate use to your project in Western China, We use our manufacturing capabilities in Calgary to produce and deliver the system quickly. I'm proud of the proactive spirit of our manufacturing team of Calgary and its commitment to comply with the requirements of BGP.

“We are dedicated to developing high quality products, as the G3i, and being the supplier of customer-centric technology, as always customers ' needs”, said Beats. “We are very pleased because the BGP chose G3i and she believes that the system provides to the industry a robust technology option, portable and versatile, to run multiple acquisition programs in various regions around the world.”

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INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited is a provider of market-leading terrestrial Geophysics technology, including source and source control system, land purchasing systems and cable and wireless advanced seismic digital sensors. Administered as an independent company, INOVA is a joint venture, with participation of 51% the BGP (a wholly-owned subsidiary controlled by China National Petroleum Corporation) and 49% of ION Geophysical Corporation (NYSE: IO). More information about INOVA are available in

About BGP

The BGP is one of the leading companies in Geophysical Service in the world, fornecendo uma ampla gama de technologies, equipment and services to the global oil and gas industry. The company is dedicated to the acquisition of seismic data, processing, interpretation, GME and multiclient research, fabricação de equipamentos e pesquisa e development de software. More information on BGP are available in

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