Eddie Jordan launches new venture Marketing and hospitality

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Eddie JordanFamous figure of formula one, Eddie Jordan announced the launch of J1 – um novo empreendimento que cria opportunities inovadoras de marketing, hospitality and lifestyle.

Jordan uses his profile and unparalleled contacts in the industry to bring the glitz and the glamour of formula one to a wider audience. J1 is specialized in packages 100% personalizados que oferecem experiências verdadeiramente únicas do maior esporte do mundo e de eventos de entertainment.

Os clientes receberão pacotes de hospitalidade de incentivo corporativo únicos e personalizados com acesso aos bastidores e informação de eventos dos GPs de Monte Carlo e Cingapura até os bastidores dos maiores shows de rock do mundo.

J1 will in addition to the traditional offerings of hospitality and incentive to create new prospects and opportunities for brands. Sponsorship service and independent consultancy and expert will support brands about how they can create and establish a presence in the sports and entertainment industry.

J1 is the result of a partnership of Jordan and Murray Schwartz, founder of the RCMP, uniting the industry-leading experience with hospitality and sponsorship Schwartz, with the charism and the contacts that made Jordan one of the most recognized faces in the industry.

Schwartz has more than 25 de experiência em oferta de soluções de marketing de destaques em eventos como as Olimpíadas e o Grammy. Working with clients such as McDonald's ’, Sony Ericsson and AB InBev., the RCMP of Schwartz specializes in offering custom programs for the big stage.

Eddie Jordan said: “I'm very happy to launch the J1 as the latest Jordan brand. She will bring the excitement of Jordan Racing for the hospitality and marketing by creating unique new opportunities for brands”.

Murray Schwartz added: “I work with someone as charismatic and dynamic as Eddie. We have the same passionate visions in life and in business and we really believe that the J1 will reset the unique experiences of global hospitality”.

THE RCMP (, leading provider of events and experiences of global brands, It will be the official activation partner that will provide access to partners Around the world entertainment network, music, Sports & travel.

About the RCMP

With offices in Los Angeles and London, the RCMP ( offers global experience unique in the world of sports, entertainment and music. The company's service for customers focuses on major areas of event management, entertainment marketing, hospitality and travel incentives, media promotions and sweepstakes. The RCMP offers a personalized service to the individual needs of customers, where the focus is always the provision of excellence.

To interview request of Eddie Jordan, contact James Clifford in +44(0)203-4326206. For more information on the J1, visit

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