indoona: new free service for calls, videocalls and multimedia messages

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indoonaindoona, the first application gratuito na Europa para fazer chamadas, videocalls and send multimedia messages free for users of indoona do mundo todo a partir de smartphone e PC (Wi-Fi and 3 g), will soon more functions:

Audio notes to send voicemail to add advanced management agenda, modify or delete contacts application Quiesce for considerable savings on battery life.

THE indoona combines all of the best communications functions together to voice services and multimedia messages and is the ideal application for the communication social. With notifications push You can be called when the application is shut down. THE indoona está atualmente disponível para o Android and iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and can be downloaded from Android Market and the App Store or for the PC and MAC directly from


With the indoona você pode chamar other usuários do indoona free with wifi and 3 g connections. You can also call other users not indoona so cheap with the indoona out.


You can make and receive free with videocalls indoona to and from other user of indoona , com seu smartphone ou computer.

Multimedia messages

With the indoona You can send multimedia messages for free: You can share where you are and send photos and videos.

Smart schedule

The contacts in the address book of your smartphone and PC will be ordered and synchronized at the schedule indoona, which will be updated constantly. Like this, You can tell when a contact downloaded the application and can receive free call.

indoona Out

To buy credit directly through the application or website You can bind so cheap for all mobile and landlines around the world from less than 1 Penny the minute, without incurring a response rate and based on actual conversation seconds.

A number indoona

With a number indoona You can receive calls from a landline phone wherever you are. Your friends, family and colleagues who call to you from the same country of a number indoona pay only the cost of a local call. If you are abroad and the call in number indoona, You will save because you do not pay the roaming costs. The number indoona is available by 15 Euros per 3 months or 48 Euros for one year.

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