Partnership between Acision and Soli will transform the mobile device marketing

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 parceria entre acision soli transformar marketing dispositivos móveis

The Acision, líder global em serviços de mensagens para devices móveis, and Soli, the world's most trusted channelmarketing for mobile devices, today announced a partnership to create innovative new media model, that offers global corporations a broader reach to consumers, via message services. Working together, a Acision e a Soli vão transform o ecossistema de marketing for mobile devices to promote new patterns that connect directly to operators of mobile communications, brands and consumers.

Currently, a mensagem por dispositivo móvel é uma platform global essencial para o consumo de conteúdo e atração de consumidores. However, the marks facing hardship, currently, to take advantage of, effectively, the potential of mobile communications, as an empowering direct communications with consumers. This includes complex it solutions, lack ofknow-how coach, business mixed expectations, global fragmentation and lack of standards and trust. Based on the experience of working with carriers and brands, the Acision and Soli exhibit, now, a solution to these problems, to connect the marks directly with carriers, omitting the need for aggregators and intermediaries distributing, reliably, secure messages to consumers.

“Leveraging our expertise in delivering quality messagescarrier the mobile operators around the world, essa nova parceria com a Soli vai unir a Community tradicional de operadoras de telecomunicações com as marcas globais, enabling them to take advantage of the clear potential of mobile communications”, said the Chief Executive of Acision, Jorgen Nilsson. “Text messages are still being more widespread service and the biggest revenue generator today, e essa parceria vai estimular a evolution dos serviços de mensagem como um todo ao garantir a distribuição rápida e a implementação de campanhas de mensagens aos consumidores e ao criar uma vantagem competitiva para todas as partes envolvidas”, declared.

To unite carriers and brands, both parties can now work together to implement a new servicemarketing, faster, and ensure the most rewarding experiences to end users. For the first time, the companies will have greater control and transparency on the scope of the hearing and on the success of campaigns, through the standardization process and distribution structure, largest global coverage and intelligence and sophisticated reports. Operators will benefit from more traffic and greater transparency of the campaigns that go through their networks.

“Brands understand that the next billion consumers live on their mobile phones and that they need a secure channel to engage their audiences in talks”, added the founder and CEO of Soli, Mark Kaplan. “The partnership with Acision will make it possible to have this direct line with Soli consumers and will also allow local companies to establish significant programs of loyalty, for the first time. Thanks to this partnership, the marketing by mobile devices can now meet the expectations”, said.

Examples of new models of service delivery include integrated efforts of shipping coupons, gratuities for SMS and promotions. The new offering provides large enterprises the audience and the platform necessary to reach the next billion consumers, local businesses the tools and the educational process to develop loyalty programs and consumers a direct connection with the brands and companies who rely, on its own terms. Local businesses, for example, can take advantage of sponsorship offerings or create your own loyalty programs, While consumers may opt-in to receive messages (opt-in) certain channels and connect with the brands you like, No worries about the possibility of your data is shared with third parties unknown. The platform, It has support for associations, adopts an explicit conductopt-in/opt-out (consent or not sending messages) for campaigns, the point of origin to point of destination, at the same time maintaining the integrity of consumer data.

The Senior Vice President for strategy andMarketing Acision's, Steve van Zanen, concluded: “In the same way that the Acision pioneered the mobile messaging service, working with the Soli, We are again at the forefront of promoting the next phase of message services, to ensure their continued longevity and to help all actors of the ecosystem ofmarketing for mobile devices to capitalize, effectively, its enormous potential”.


About Acision

As long as a pioneer in the area of mobile messaging services, the Acision enables customers around the world to create new sources of revenue, with innovative services, that enable traffic monetization. For more information, visit the Acision in

About SOLI

The Soli is the world's most reliable messaging services to mobile devices, that connects global corporations, local businesses and consumers. The private solution, straightforward and cost-efficient Soli, focused on customer experience, hiring of content and transactions from buyers, provides an alternative to today's mobile communications channels. With more than 300 carriers, in more than 140 countries, private carriers, company's partners, reach more than 70% of the world's population, making the channel more accessible from Solimarketing direct to consumer. Founded in 2010, the Soli is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Marseilles.

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