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 metaquotes melhora metatrader android

THE MetaQuotes Software Corp.. released a new version of its mobile platform MetaTrader 5 Android, que suporta gráficos e oferece uma interface otimizada para computers tablet rodando o Android THE.

The first version of MetaTrader 5 Android was released in October 2011. She gave the brokers the connection option with your trading account, see the story of your dealings and make transactions in the Forex market. The new version added charts of financial instruments, what allows a user to view the price dynamics of financial instruments and facilitates the analysis of prices.

Outra innovation importante é a interface otimizada da aplicação para uso em PCs do tipo tablet suportados pelo Android OS. Now the MetaTrader 5 Android also looks good on smartphones and tablet computers. More than that, the application effectively uses the tablet PC screen high resolution to give investors even more opportunities to work with financial information.

“We consistently develop our mobile platforms of trading”, Chreis Gaies said, Executive Director of operations of MetaQuotes Software Corp.. “For MetaTrader 5, We develop trading platforms running on the most popular mobile operating systems used by most investors. Now they can negotiate from their favorite mobile devices and it's all absolutely free”.

MetaQuotes Software Corp.. tem grandes esperanças quanto a plataformas móveis de negociação e acredita que elas desempenharão um papel crescente no development das operações nos próximos dois ou três anos. Esta é a razão pela qual ela iniciou o development de suas plataformas móveis no ano passado. Three new mobile applications for MetaTrader4 andMetaTrader 5 have already been released. The company is also working on a new MetaTrader 4 Android and will release soon.

MetaTrader 5 Android can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

About the company

MetaQuotes Software Corp.. is a professional developer of software applications for financial markets. With over a decade of experience, the company is a market leader, offering one of the best packages for forex trading. The MetaTrader platform 5 the company offers resources for negotiations not only on the forex market, but also in stock.

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