TOTVS and Acqua Manager together in the 9th edition of the Forum it and Utilities

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Totvs logotipoBegan on Thursday the 9th edition of t.i. and Utilities Forum, one of the most important events directed to the Utilities market.

The event will bring together the 30 the most important professionals of t. I energy firms, oil, gas, sanitation and the country's Telecom operators.

TOTVS and Acqua Manager shall submit together a new solution called TOTVS Billing, a product that is being integrated directly in the factory of the COMPANY in São Paulo, vertical market for utilities.

Companies signed an exclusive contract, onde ambas vem investindo conjuntamente no development de novas soluções para as concessões de saneamento básico, integrando nativamente os applications Protheus com a família Acqua Manager.

The Union of these two companies tends to bring to market innovative solutions and high technological capacity.


TOTVS is a software company, innovation, relationship and management support, the absolute leader in Brazil, com 48,6% market share, and also in Latin America, com 34,5%. É a maior empresa de softwares applications sediada em países emergentes e a 6o maior do mundo no setor.


Presente nas duas principais cidades brasileiras (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), and even in Lisbon (Portugal) the Acqua Manager works in the segment of private concessions of water sanitation, has 60% the market that already use your services or products. The company has almost 100 collaborators and belongs to the holding fund Houston Trust. Currently the Acqua Manager manages approximately 22 Millions of water accounts per year, and moves more than $ 2 billion in operating income for its customers.

Acqua Manager for press information: Aline Mazoni – – (11) 5182-4040

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