An educational teaches women to invest in the financial market

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 educacional ensina mulheres investir mercado financeiro

Believing in the growing interest of women by financial market, an Educational, braço de educação financeira da corretora de valores UM Investimentos, promotes a specific lecture to them on the day 14 March, in celebration of women's Month.

Taught by Tércia Bishop Rock, BM consultant&FBovespa, the presentsção será totalmente gratuita e irá abordar conceitos como planejamento de finanças pessoais, savings habits and products suitable for each investment profile. On occasion, to promote Education among the participants prizes sweepstakes offered by Calvin Klein, Contains 1 g, Pro-body and Seven Languages.

Currently, about 30% of customers da UM Investimentos é do sexo feminino. “This audience has increasingly sought information about the best options for applying the money. The lecture is a way to homenagearmos women this month that is internationally dedicated to them”, says Thiago Audi, Commercial Director of brokerage.

Service:P alestra de Education Financeira para Mulheres

Date: 14/03/2012 (Wednesday)

Zone: 19PM to 9:0 pm

Location: Headquarters of an Investment (Av. Chedid Jafet, 222 – Block E – Vila Olímpia. São Paulo/SP)

Value: Free

Registration and more information: / (11) 3525-3590

On an educational

Founded in 2010, a UM Educacional é uma divisão da corretora de valores UM Investimentos cuja missão é prestar services de educação financeira, empowering investors beginners and experienced on the capital market. The institution conducts trainings, lectures and courses with the intention that customers can feel secure when taking decisions on its operations.

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