Activity on social networks has increased in Brazil along with growth of Facebook

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 atividade redes sociais aumentou brasil passado impulsionada pelo crescimento facebook

ComScore, Inc., leader in measurement of digital world, divulgou hoje seu relatório anual sobre as main tendências digitais no Brasil em 2011 and the implications of the results for the next year. 2012 Brazil Digital Future in Focus examines how the most important trends in social media, online videos, digital advertising, mobile internet and search are defining the current market and how they influence the next year. The results of the study will be presented in a free webinar, broadcast live on Wednesday, 21 March. For more information and registration, visit:

“Digital media have reached a new level in Brazil in 2011, driven by activities such as social networks, Search, videos and online shopping, showing more and more consumers turning to the web and spending an increasing share of their time with digital content”, says Alex Banks, comScore's Director in Brazil. “For brands and publishers seeking to explore the latest trends in digital consumer, It is important to know what's to come”.

Some of the important insights from the study 2012 Brazil Digital Future in Focus are:

The Brazil is the seventh largest internet market in the world, with an audience of 46,3 millions of visitors from 15 anos ou mais que acessam a internet pelo computer de casa ou do trabalho. The number of users increased 16% em relação ao ano anterior. Latin America's online population has grown more rapidly than in any other region in 2011: 16% increase, reaching out to 129,3 million in December 2011. Brazilians spent on average 26,7 hours online in December 2011, an increase of 10% em relação ao ano acompared to the previous yearthan 2 hours). The portals were online activity that generated more engagement, com 39,2% of total minutes in December 2011, followed by social networks, com 23%with8211; a growth of 6,3 percentage points in the year.Facebook has overtaken Orkut in December 2011, taking the lead among social networking destinations in Brazil with 36,1 million visitors, um aumento de 192% em relação ao ano anterior. Facebook was also the site that generated more engagement among social networks: in December 2011 visitors spent on average 4,8 hours on the site, While last year the average was 37 minutes.In December 2011, Brazilians saw more than 4,7 billions of online videos, um aumento de 74% in relation to 2010. The growth was driven by an increase of 19% on unique visitors and 46% in videos by visitor, and watching videos has been consolidated as one of the most important online activities.Heated by year-end shopping, the online commerce site visitation increased 30%, showing consumers in Latin America are increasingly turning to the web in the search and purchase of products and services. Among the categories of trade, Compare prices, had the highest penetration in Brazil, with more than 1 in each 3 users accessing the websites category in December 2011.6,9 billion online searches were made in Brazil in December 2011, um aumento de 37% em relação ao ano anterior. The searchesan increase ofn Octcompared to the previous yearss ="tr_" id="tr_15" data-token="ZXN0aW11bGFkYXMgcG9yIHBlc3F1aXNhcyByZWxhY2lvbmFkYXMgw6BzIGNvbXByYXMgZGUgZmluYWwgZGUgYW5vLk8gbWVyY2FkbyBkZSBwdWJsaWNpZGFkZSBkaWdpdGFs" data-source="">estimuladas por pesquisas relacionadas às compras de final de ano.O mercado de publicidade digital brasileiro continua crescendo. In December 2011, 62,9 billions of impressions were published online in Brazil, reaching 50,8 millions of internet users. The Wiseguy was the market-leading advertiser, enquanto o Facebook foi o maior publisher no país.Celulares e tablets continuam a mudar o panorama digital, accounting for 1,5% of all the digital traffic in Brazil in December 2011. Of this total of activity, more than 42% of pageviews have originated on tablets.

Webinar: 2012 Brazil Digital Future in FocusOn Wednesday, 21 March, at 16:00 (Brasilia time), comScore's Director in Brazil Alex Banks will talk about the key findings of the study 2012 Brazil Digital Future in Focus and discuss what these trends mean for the market in the future. Join. For more information and registration, visit: Note: The webinar will be presented in Portuguese.

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