CONAGUA promotes interchange to the development in the Americas

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Logo CONAGUAWithin the framework of the 6th World Water Forum to be held in Marseille, in France, the national water Commission (CONAGUA) of Mexico has exerted an important role in the development of a water Agenda in the Americas, After having headed with Brazil preparing a platform for the three years prior to the Forum.

It is the second largest continent in the world, After Asia. With more than 900 million people who live in 35 countries, the Americas rely on a wide variety of cultures and customs, but also with cross-cutting challenges around the establishment of long-term plans, going beyond the presidential mandates in each nation, to ensure a sustainable use of natural resources, including water.

The support provided Mexico's CONAGUA decisive during the three years of preparation of the Forum, convening diverse private and public figures of the region to work around themes such as climate change, water & sanitation, safety feed, governance, citizens ' right to water and other more. In the same way, held several preparatory meetings in Mexico City and prepared the document Regional policy dialogue on water and climate change with the IDB, the water Advisory Council, the FEMSA Foundation and other participants.

Established himself as well as goal that half of the continent's countries should reduce 50% the lack of access to water by the year 2020, comparado com as cifras de 2008. In addition, working for that already in 2015 aumente em 15% the specific inclusion of water resources in national and local plans for adaptation to climate change. And finally, We need to focus on efforts to ensure that up to 2015, aumente em 15increase inuctivity of the rains or artificially watered lands in the Americas, em comparaçcompared with the figures ofithin that goal until 2050 There is more food security at affordable prices.

For José Luis Luege, Director General of Mexico's CONAGUA, the Americas faces major challenges to achieve the development with that always dreamed. It is a path that requires a lot of work, but there is a way to achieve that success that is, without doubt, the joint work, cooperation and exchange of experiences, all of these essential factors to achieve the desired objective. To do this, both the Government of Mexico as the work to promote the CONAGUA dialogue and cooperation and achieve an America that appropriately handle its water resources.

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