Haier to mark Earth hour with intercontinental interactive presentations

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hora do planetaTo encourage its millions of consumers around the globe to “Hang up” for an hour, during Earth hour 2012, The Haier is sponsoring a series of public presentations in North America, Europe and Asia. For example, some of the major events of this year include the Beatbox champion show with Haier products in Paris (France), a candlelight concert in Osaka (Japan), an original percussion performance with appliances in New York (USA) and a children's choir in Beijing (China).

In addition, to set an example and demonstrate the company's commitment to support this global movement, 70.000 Haier global officials pledged to turn out the lights in the House 8:30 at 9:30, local time, to show your support for earth hour.

Those at home can visit, The Haier website dedicated to earth hour, where users can “turn out the lights” Online, hear music exclusiva misturada com sons da nature e difundir o conhecimento através de links de compartilhamento integrados para populares sites de mídia social. Com menos de uma semana desde o seu launch, the site has already been viewed more than 2 million times. The Haier is inviting consumers around the world to be part of your earth hour campaign through their Facebook accounts, Twitter and Weibo.

“To participate in earth hour, for the second consecutive year, We are uniting millions of people around the world who want to take a stand and raise awareness about the need that we must work together to protect our environment”, said Zhang Tieyan, Director of global operations of Haier brand.”Esperamos que as nossas atividades globais e on-line encorajem os consumidores a fazer a sua parte e contribuir para a sustentabilidade ambiental.

From 2007, the earth hour became the largest global campaign for awareness about climate change, with hundreds of millions of people, companies and cities that participate in more than 100 countries and territories. The earth hour 2011 had an estimated reach of 1,8 billion, with participants in more than 5.251 cities large and small in 135 countries and territories on all seven continents.

Haier's commitment to sustainability

The Haier is committed to environmental sustainability and demonstrates this commitment through its focus on creating appliances that consume little power. In 2008, The Haier has provided more than 60.000 eletrodomésticos verdes para as instalações olímpicas a fim de melhorar a pegada ecológica dos Games.In 2009, BusinessWeek China granted the Haier “Greener China Business Award” by his remarkable efforts to protect the environment of China. More recently, in March 2012, a report released by the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group identified the Haier as one of 10 China's largest corporate citizens.

About the Haier Group co.. Ltd

The Haier is the world's largest manufacturer of home appliances and a large mark on 1 Home Electronics outlets around the world, with a share of 7,8% retail volume in 2011. Till date, established 61 sales centres, 10 P centres&D and 21 industrial parks in more than 160 markets. It employs 70.000 employees and generated RMB 150,9 bilhões (USD 23,3 billion) in revenue in 2011. It is listed on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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