Leading China media channel reports international expansion of Perfect World

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PERFECT WORLD CO., LTD. CCTV INTERVIEWThe channel focused on China Central television's finances, CCTV-2, incluiu recentemente em sua programação um relatório de News sobre a Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Perfect World), uma líder no development e operação de Games online com sede na China. The reporting is done under the title “Focus on M&The Fever” (“Focus on Foot of mergers and acquisitions”) e se concentra no modelo de development e experiência da Perfect World, to the extent that the actor of Chinese online games market aggressively demand expansion overseas, showing once again how the firm is getting a lot of attention of the average China's dominant.

The report talked about how a Perfect World, leader in the export of China's online games, increased its core competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions abroad and achieved excellent results in new markets that she chose to enter. After a long period during which the company has improved its products and its market approach, a Perfect World developed a well established structure and obtained complete success in Chinese online gaming location in international markets.

In an interview of CCTV, the President of Perfect World Interactive Entertainment, Qi Zhu, said: “Mergers and acquisitions abroad is the methodology for our presence abroad and not a ‘ mission’ for a Perfect World. The ultimate goal of Perfect World is to find the right formula for a quality game without frontiers, creating a fully global integration of holistic and gaming cultures of research and developing a game games truly globalized.” Qi added emphatically: “A Perfect World baseará seu growth continuado em uma operação autônoma no exterior. The model considers the habits and preferences of local actors and at the same time maintains the highest absolute standard as a way of thanking the many players who have given us support throughout our process of development and growth.”

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