Valy as Afghan wireless network Ambassador

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AWCC card 20The Afghan Wireless (“AWCC”), the largest telecommunications operator in Afghanistan and one of the largest private employer of Afghanistan announced today that Valy Hedjasi (“Valy”), the most successful popular singer from Afghanistan, will become your brand Ambassador.

Valy began playing traditional Afghan instruments at the age of seven years. He won international fame since their first two singles Wintertonand de Shekoondi and Bia Tu were released from your disk “After Love.” Her third single, Qatanghani, also received critical acclaim. Concerts and recordings of Valy are extremely popular in Afghanistan and Afghans from all over the world.

Valy is readily available to the customers AWCC's through:

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“The AWCC is very pleased and proud to have acting as its new Ambassador Valy brand”, said Amin Ramin, Executive Director of AWCC. “The AWCC believes the popularity of Valy and the sense of national pride that their performances and recordings lead to Afghans here in the country and the Afghans around the world. THE AWCC, with its national reach, will work to share the talents of Valy throughout Afghanistan. The AWCC is committed to lead service great for our clients in Afghanistan and help bring pleasure to your daily lives. Valy and are a natural combination AWCC”.

Valy said the following about the role of Ambassador of AWCC: “I grew up with two things in my hands, a musical instrument and a phone Mobile connected with AWCC. When I was a teenager, If I wasn't singing, so I was talking with friends via AWCC network. Is fantastic now be associated with the AWCC, a company with which I feel a real connection”.

Valy will soon be visiting Afghanistan to initiate a series of concerts, presentations and to launch some new exciting AWCC's plans.

About the Afghan Wireless – Headquartered in Kabul, the AWCC caters to approximately 4.000.000 of subscribers throughout the Afghanistan and is one of the largest private employer of Afghans. The AWCC employs more than 4.300 people directly and other 100.000, indirectly. The AWCC is a leader in providing wireless solutions and broadband to residential and business customers. Additional information is available in or via the Telephone Systems International (“TSI”) in

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