Mario Garnero launches at MIT project “Campinas: Technological Capital of the BRICs”

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BRICThe launch of Campinas as a technological center pole of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) It was celebrated by the Vice-President of the Republic, Michel Temer (PMDB), the day before yesterday, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), during the XV MIT Latin America, in Boston (USA). The proposal to elevate the city to knowledge capital status was announced by businessman Mario Garnero.

In front of a crowded auditorium, in the presence of entrepreneurs, politicians, students and faculty from MIT, Garnero emphasized the creation of the Center and the leadership of the project by an ancient student of the Johns Hopkins University, the scientist doctor Gustavo Godoy.

For Godoy, “a base do crescimento é a educação e investimento na technology”. Take the condition of technological capital in Campinas BRIC will also be a priority project of the businessman Fernando Garnero, specialist in development sustainable and one of the formulators of the program “Campinas 21″.

Among the speakers of the Conference, were Michel Temer, Vice President of Brazil; José Maria Insulza, Secretary-General of the OAS (Organization of American States); Roger Agnelli, former President of Vale; Rodrigo Botero and Miguel Rodriguez, respectively former Ministers of Finance of Colombia and Venezuela; Gabriel Chalita, Congressman and candidate for Mayor of São Paulo. Are also attending the Conference David Schmittlein, Dean of the MIT Sloan School, and the Deputies Gabriel, Chalita, Cândido Vaccarezza, Jorge Tadeu Mudalen and Arnaldo Jardim.

After the closing speech of the event, It was attended by the Deputy Michel Temer stated that the idea of taking this investment was in Campinas “an extraordinary happiness”.

“It is a very well received, Because Brazil is heavily involved in this issue of BRICs and Campinas is an extraordinary technological Center. The idea is of an extraordinary happiness, especially the Mario Garnero, take this idea and cast it at MIT. I can only regojizar me for that and say that is a very important collaboration for the Brazilian Government”, stated Fear.

The Congressman Gabriel Chalita emphasized that “Campinas has tradition for its excellent universities, International Airport and is next to São Paulo. Dr. Mario Garnero represents this vision of modernity. Man that there is 30 years already spoke in partnership with China. We have to prepare ourselves to be a country with more technology and development. Develop this polo will be good not only for Campinas, but for Brazil”, said Chalita.

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