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emailvisionEmailvision, the international leader in software as a service (SaaS) for relationship marketing online, today announces plans to significantly increase its global workforce. A empresa atingiu growth recorde em 2011 achieved through international expansion, innovation de produto e duas aquisições tecnológicas estratégicas.


In 2011, revenues increased more than 50% and reached $ 90 million. The company accelerated its international presence in Brazil, Europe, North America and China. All 19 countries contributed to the strong growth in revenue from 25% of new sales coming from outside Europe.

The Emailvision won 850 new customers in 2011, including: April, ClickOn, Walmart and Accor Hotels in Brazil;ACP Media and P1.CN in Asia-Pacific; Let s ’ Bonus, Toyota, SudOuest in Europe; Office and Republic in United Kingdom; Cisco Live Events and the Washington Post in USA.


The Emailvision released Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition in the last quarter of 2011. This launch was a landmark in two industries – the first SaaS solution for Customer Intelligence, and the first product to fully integrate customer intelligence on a platform of campaign management by email, Mobile and social networks. The result is a comprehensive marketing SaaS solution designed to increase the relevance and profitability of the customer relationship marketing.


In 2012, the Emailvision will recruit 200 posições globalmente em todas as unidades de negócio incluindo pesquisa e development, Finance, HR, marketing, sales, customer service and support.

“Our expansion and recruitment plans offer a tremendous opportunity to join one of the fastest growing SaaS companies worldwide,” said Nick Heys, Founder and CEO of Emailvision. “Em 2011, We add more than 800 companies in our list of clients. organizations around the globe are turning to the Emailvision to help handle the ‘ great info’ in the marketing department, so that they can transform the million customer interactions in the most successful marketing campaigns. Em 2012, We want to hire more people who are passionate about onlIne marketing, pioneering software and great customer service.”

With the array in Central London, the Emailvision will recruit overall in North America, Brazil, Europe and China. Emailvision's employees create a diversified inigualavelmente desktop, representing more than 40 nationalities and speaking more than 50 different languages.

“In 19 countries around the world we have the best talent to support our customers ' needs,” said Marc-Andre Rainon, Human resources Director, Emailvision. “There Are opportunities para pessoas talentosas unirem-se à Emailvision, who wants the best of both worlds: the entrepreneurial spirit that comes from a start-up, and the features that comes from a global leader.”

In recent 12 months, the Emailvision received 4.000 registers and led 1.100 interviews. 10% of new hires for success the company were made through social networks.

Guy Porré, Emailvision's Director of operations, concluded, “Last year we launched an internal initiative 5 years called ‘ Emailvision Summits’ They shall send a group of collaborators to climb one of the highest mountains in the world. Each climbing will involve a new continent, a new mountain and a new group of employees trained. This corporate initiative inspires whole community Emailvision to go beyond the boundaries, It is essential to leadership in any field.” Em 2011, fifteen employees successfully reached the top of Mont Blanc, Europe's tallest peak. Em 2012,In new team to be visited the Kilimanjaro in Kenya.

About Emailvision:

The Emailvision energized social marketing, Mobile and via email with Customer Intelligence integrated. Emailvision's mission is to provide excellence in software and services for the online relationship marketing. With offices and customer service teams 19 countries, Emailvision delivery 350.000 campaigns every month, representing 3.000 customers worldwide. This unprecedented quality of service is promoted by 12 years of research and development and by more than 600 passionate collaborators of the Emailvision. The company is privately owned by Francisco Partners.

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