Commercial impact of connected devices can be USD $4,5 trillion in 2020

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internet movelTHE GSMA, in partnership with Machina Research, announced a new study that examines in more detail the market potential for the vision of connected life of GSMA at 2020, When the total number of connected devices will reach USD 24 billion(1) worldwide. The research explores how the connected life opens new revenue streams, enable new business models, will promote efficiencies and improve the way in which existing services are provided in order to create a global business impact amounting to USD 4,5 trillion(2).

“Today, the connected device market is dominated by mobile phones, but this, in the future, will change, as a new wave of smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics and devices M2M connecting everything, of cars a serviços de saúde e, even, entire cities”, said Michael the ’ Hara, chief marketing officer, GSMA. “Connected life will have a positive impact on various industries; However, capitalizar sobre essa enorme oportunidade exige uma colaboração entre os setores a fim de usar ao máximo o poder da technology móvel para o benefício de bilhões de pessoas no mundo inteiro.

The global business impact of connected life can be divided into two broad categories: “recipes” and “cost savings and service enhancements”(3). In 2020, revenue from the sale of connected devices and services, and related services revenues, how car insurance paid as you go, stand USD 2,5 trillion, of which USD 1,2 trillion may come from mobile operators and the rest of the broader ecosystem of connected life.

Cost savings and service enhancements are related to direct fewer benefits, However, plant and equipment, for organizations, Governments and consumers through the evolution of life Connected. In 2020, This concept might be worth approximately USD 2 trillion: USD $ 1 trillion cost reductions, how smart meters that eliminate the need for manual meter readings; and USD 1 trillion service enhancements, as clinical monitoring for remote patients with chronic diseases.

For example, in 2020, the global market for health care, by itself, could have USD 660 billion in cost reductions and improved services resulting from the implementation of mHealth solutions, helping to lower the cost of universal health care. Connect cars will also help the global auto industry to profit from the connected life, with its ecosystem ready to generate USD 624 billion in revenue, In addition to cash in USD 727 billion in cost savings and service enhancements.

Matt Hatton, Director, Machina Research, said: “Until 2020, There is no doubt that will live in a world much more connected, What will have a fundamental impact on the way in which we live and work. Este impacto não somente proporcionará novas opportunities de receita para as operadoras, It also makes it possible for a wide range of new business models, improve the way companies do business and improve the efficiencies of innumerable ways. We estimate that the value of this is USD 4,5 trillion, but the impact on society and the benefits to this are immeasurable.”

Primary application logged in 2020: the connected car

Until 2020, the ability of mobile connection in cars will increasingly become an indispensable resource, as the demand grows for services like stolen vehicle recovery, telemática de seguro e entertainment. This will be driven by manufacturers seeking to differentiate their offerings and develop new revenue streams, as well as by the greater number of plug-in electric vehicles, that will require ability to connect. The Machina Research estimates that, in 2020, 90% the new cars will have some form of built-in capability to vehicle, adding USD 600 billion worth of connected life.

The “10 main” applications conectados listados abaixo responderão por 60% the global business impact 2020. For detailed information, visit:

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