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Trofeu Mulher Imprensa 8a edA oitava editing do Troféu Mulher IMPRENSA discloses suas vencedoras e comemora um record absoluto no número de votos: were accounted for more than 198 thousand, beating last year's numbers largely, that registered more than 85 thousand votes.

This year, the Awards recognized the expertise of journalists who have been honored in other editions and also professionals who had the recognition of general public.

Miriam Leitão entered the history of the PRESS as Trophy Wife record Awards, surpassing the mark of Lucia Gordon who won five edits in category color commentator / Radio columnist. In the 3rd and 4th editions, Miriam won as a commentator / Television News columnist. As columnist of Printed Journalism won the 5a and now the eighth edition. And from the Sixth Edition has maintained its position as Commentator / TV columnist, a total of seven wins.

Highlights also Monalisa Perrone and Tatiana Vasconcellos coming keeping leadership in their respective categories since the 6th Edition of the award.

Daniela Pinheiro conquest now Sprint title, having won also the 4th Edition in the category of newspaper or magazine Reporter.

Here are the winners of the eighth edition of the trophy Wife PRESS, to be honored with a special story in the March issue of the PRESS, and will receive commemorative trophy, in event to be held in the month of March, in São Paulo (SP).

Television news anchor Fátima Bernardes (National Journal – TV Globo)

Television news reporter Monalisa Perrone (TV Globo)

Commenter / TV columnist Miriam Leitão (TV Globo)

Newspaper reporter Vera Araújo (The Globe)

Magazine reporter Daniela Pinheiro (Piauí)

Printed Journalism columnist Miriam Leitão (The Globe)

Photo reporter of newspaper or magazine Adriana Zehbrauskas (freelance photographer)

Radio anchor Tatiana Vasconcellos (BandNews FM)

Radio reporter Michelle Trombelli (BandNews FM)

Commenter / Radio columnist Mara Luquet (CBN)

Repórter de Site de News Lobato Elvira (

Social media journalist Maria Inês Dolci (

Press Officer Eliane Santos (SEBRAE-SP)

Editorial Director Cristina Piasentini (TV Globo)

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Winners – mulher imprensa divulga as vencedoras de sua 8 edicao

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