Wall Street Institute expands its standard curriculum with professional training courses

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Wall Street InstituteThe Wall Street Institute, the main educational institution in the world of English for adults, expanded its educational curriculum to include specialized courses, they teach students to use English in professional situations.

The new PROFESSIONAL courses are perfectly integrated to Institute standards courses. The Wall Street Institute previously offered to students 17 níveis de educação da língua inglesa, Since the courses for beginners to advanced. The addition of new courses raises the number of levels made available to students 20. New courses will be made available to 190.000 ESL students (English as a second language – English as a second language) of the Institute worldwide, through phased implementations of the product during the year 2012.

The new curriculum follows the mixed method of teaching, unique Wall Street Institute. The new PROFESSIONAL courses are fully integrated, enabling students to apply what they have learned in their courses to professional standards – such as conduct meetings.

“As English is becoming, progressively, the language of business worldwide, perform professional assignments in English is very important for all our students”, said the CEO of Wall Street Institute, David Kedwards. “All our students can now do courses that provides them with training in English language, to help them achieve their career goals, because the new curriculum is within the educational product standard of Wall Street Institute.

In the new PROFESSIONAL courses, students learn to use English in a variety of professional situations, covering a range of job types, as entry-level administrative functions, training for middle-level management and requirements of executive-level roles. Students learn how to receive messages, make travel arrangements, preparing and making presentations, evaluate the performance of an employee and discuss the company's business objectives – all in English. As the training acquired covers all occupations, It is essential for any Professional, whether in the private or public sector.

“The unique joint method of Wall Street Institute ensures maximum involvement and student offers an experience almost soaking, so that people really learn to use the language”, said the Director of Development Wall Street Institute curriculum, Simon Buckland. “To include professional-level linguistic qualification in our curriculum, We are providing students the ability to apply the language they have learned in our centres in their professional lives. The ability to speak English effectively at work is an essential qualification for any profession in the global economy and a huge advantage in the job market is extremely competitive today”, declared.

The addition of new courses represents a significant investment of Wall Street Institute and parent company Pearson. And shows the company's commitment to provide students with the educational tools more efficient and technologically advanced, to help them achieve their learning goals.

“Our research shows that our students are very focused on their career and who are learning English to join a new profession, Kedwards said. “We want the education of them is as perfect as possible. AND, by integrating these levels to our standard course, We feel that we can help our students achieve greater success, to actually apply in their work what they have learned in the WSI”, said.

The new courses are now available to students of Wall Street in China and Germany. They shall be made available to the students of WSI in Asia next month. And will be released in the rest of Wall Street Institute's network during 2012.

About the Wall Street Institute

The Wall Street Institute ( is the main educational institution of the English language for individuals and corporate clients around the world. The mixed method and innovative business education integrates the best of proven approaches to learning, to provide the most effective English language instruction, available for adults. Students listen, read, write, speak English and practice under the guidance and with the assistance of highly trained teachers, whose native language is English. Wall Street Institute curriculum is compatible with the common European Framework Reference (CEFR — Common European Framework Reference) for languages, According to a study carried out with the support of the Group of English exam for native speakers Other Languages of the University of Cambridge (TOBY — Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages). Using company-owned centers or franchisees, the Wall Street Institute has provided education for more than 2 millions of students, in almost 450 centres, in 27 countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Founded in 1972, the international offices of the Wall Street Institute are located in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, Barcelona, in Spain, and Luxembourg. The Wall Street Institute is controlled by Pearson, the business of education.

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