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dominio onlineDomain names have become a well of the world online. The short and easy to remember names can get easily six-digit sums on auctions. They offer a significant return for investors who want to avoid the turbulence of the stock market today. The auction of está em aberto parecendo estar pronto para atrair competidores dos mercados de development de software e de applications em ebulição, as well as the domain Explorers looking for a sound investment of medium-term. The auctions will be held 19 April and 26 April 2012.

The value of the field is in its close relationship with the world of “apps” (applications), small pieces of application software that can be installed quickly on your smartphone. As descendants of the humble cell phone, smartphones allow you to do much more than a simple link and write or receive text messages; with smartphones you also access numerous online services, use your phone as a navigation system, play games, performs bank transfers, controls multiple devices remotely, and much more. This is all thanks to the versatile fields of application offered by apps.

In March 2012, for example, Apple, the internationally known manufacturer of the iPhone, disclosed that it sold more than 25 billions of apps so far – and this number grows every day. Originally a search machine operator, Google now offers Google Play, its extremely successful market itself of these applets. Não é de se espantar que a gigante de software Microsoft esteja integrando uma plataforma equivalente nos dispositivos Windows Phone e até mesmo no próximo sistema operacional Windows 8. The Mozilla Foundation, known for its Firefox web browser, also has similar plans for a web applications store.

But the apps not just for mobile use. As a matter of fact, eles também são usados em tocadores de Blu-ray, HDTV receivers and TVs. In the latter case, This even led to the creation of the term “smart TVs” (Smart TVs). Even in the PC industry, the term internationally established “apps” is gradually replacing the names of slower “programs” and “software”. All vendors have one thing in common: The applets may be replaced by virtually anyone and can be made available for download free of charge or on payment of a fee, and this is where many developers make fortunes.

The basic requirement for this is a good idea of course, but the name also has an essential role in ensuring continued success and broad. The name should be as short as possible and easy to remember, without straying far from its core competency. Isto parece ser uma tarefa impossível na era da explosão dos apps e várias batalhas juríTips por nomes. So it's even more impressive that the Internet domain be available for auction from 19 April 2012.

The domain is more a type of virtual good than simply an Internet address. With the, the sagazes app and software developers are faced with a unique opportunity to obtain a secure domain name, concise and memorable for your products and services. Because the short name have a very commercial significance and the only international alternative high ( already belong to one of the largest software companies in the world, the domain industry experts believe a price of six digits is realistic, Despite the low minimum bid.

Considering the versatile possibilities of use and high resale value, However, the expected price seems to be low. In 2010, for example, confirming the motto that “sex sells”, the domain It was sold by 13 millions of dollars of the United States, After being sold by over one million four years earlier. In the same way, a Gibraltar company reaped a huge prize in 2007 with the sale of the domain by 695.000 EUR (960.000 USD).

Those interested can follow the auction from 19 April 2012 through the domain link., the world's biggest market for Internet domains, is acting as an auctioneer. Those interested in purchasing the must first be properly certified by, and this can take several days. The last-minute bidding can only be submitted by registered users. It is currently owned by Branchenpresse Verlag GmbH, a publishing house specializing in online media Munich, Germany.

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