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orc logoThe Orc, uma provedora líder de technology e serviços para a indústria financeira global, announced that Marcelo Sacomori, a market maker based in São Paulo, is using the solution Orc Market Maker. Use this to Advanced options for future negotiations and training strategies of stock market, Commodities and futures of São Paulo – BM&FBOVESPA.

Marcelo Sacomori is using the Orc Market Maker, a server-based trading solution designed for negotiations and options apregoações, to quote futures options in BM&FBOVESPA. The solution leverages the 20 anos de experiência da Orc na construção e implementação de soluções de negociação de opções de alto performance.

Marcelo Sacomori commented, “The solution Orc Market Maker was a good choice for my business. Needed a solution that was fast, easy to use and no implementation problems. A solução da Orc atende perfeitamente estas necessidades com uma platform de negociações extremamente rápida e confiável que ajudará a aumentar meus negócios neste mercado”.

Ruben Guerrero, Sales Director of Orc in Brazil, noted, “A Orc fez grandes avanços no mercado brasileiro. Marcelo Sacomori is the latest example of a demanding Brazilian scholarship negotiator sought to increase their business in this Orc growing market. We are pleased to add it to our customer base of high performance”.

The Market Maker is about solution Orc present challenges and future market leaders, including the need for low latency trading and reach multiple markets efficiently, using a single interface. The solution adds key features sophisticated management of volatility and asset pricing, incluindo uma rica interface de gestão de volatilidade e uma API de Modelo de Volatilidade que facilita o development de modelos proprietários. The Orc also provides predefined, configurable models of volatility, as well as integrated asset pricing models for precise hedge and negotiations.

About Orc

The Orc is a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry. The Orc provides solutions and market access negotiations that are used by firms which own negotiations and market training, investment banks, hedge funds and broker-dealers from all over the world.

The Orc develops and provides the tools necessary to manage a profitable company of negotiations and brokering in competitive markets evolving and today's.

With market presence in all major financial centres in the world, the Orc provides sales and support services from offices throughout the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Americas and Asia-Pacific region.

Orc is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.

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