FC2 Access Analyzer was released in Portuguese

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fc2 logoThe global company services FC2 web now supports the Portuguese language at your service “FC2 Access Analyzer ( ), adding up the total of 11 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Indonesian and Portuguese).

FC2 Access Analyzer Version in Portuguese

On the FC2 Access Analyzer

The FC2 Access Analyzer is a service free access analysis first developed in Japan in March 2003.

The users distinguished visitors to your blog or website in detail by putting only a small icon on your page.

With this launch, We add the Russian language, Indonesian and Portuguese to our list of supported languages.

Merits of FC2 Access Analyzer

Advertising icons appear for only 8 seconds. The icon is small and has many legal and appropriate models to your blog or Web Site to access related data Shows per hour, day and month, access sources, nationality and types of visitors ' browsers and a differentiation of words used in searches.You can show up 120 pages during 4 mesesVocê can delete their own access analysis.

About FC2, Inc.

The FC2, Inc. is a global company that produces a variety of web services. Starting with the Japanese language, These services are made available in several languages. The company is headquartered in Nevada, USA, and was created on 1999. The FC2 is continually working to improve its services to users.

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