Hatch and MEK Engineering join forces to provide services to Brazil and Latin America

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engineeringThe MEK Engineering announces that joined forces with the Hatch — a world leader in engineering, supplies & construction management (EPCM) — to respond to the dynamic energy sector in Brazil and in Latin America. The MEK now Engineering is part of the Hatch of enterprises.

Esta parceria com a Hatch é uma combinação perfeita para nossa empresa e irá aprimorar nossa capacidade de execução e entrega de serviços de engenharia de alta quality for the energy sector of Brazil,” says Mohy Kamel, CEO of MEK Engineering. “For more than 20 years, nossa empresa tem trabalhado com algumas das main empresas de energia do país. Now, along with the Hatch, We have the opportunity to leverage technical training, experience, methods and tools of a world leader in EPCM, While we continue to serve our customers with excellence and in accordance with what we promised.”

A Hatch tem trabalhado com empresas brasileiras — inside and outside the country — for decades, and our partnership with the MEK Engineering is part of our strategy of growing participation in Brazil's economy,” says John Pearson, Hatch's Global Director for energy and oil and gas. “While Brazil develops its infrastructure and uses its abundant natural resources, the need for reliable energy in the country tends to increase. And the combination of more than 80 years of experience of the hydroelectric sector Hatch — the basis of our energy business — with the experience and reputation of the MEK in Brazil, will help us to offer comprehensive technical consulting services, Engineering and design for the energy sector in the country.”

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and with offices in Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre, the MEK will add approximately 120 professionals to employees of Hatch. The technical training of MEK is focused in all disciplines and phases of engineering involved in energy projects. The company was founded 22 years and during this period, about projects completed 70 hydroelectric power plants, with installed capacity totaling more than 6.000 MW. The MEK has invested, still, wind energy industry for more than five years, participating in approximately 25 projects.

The Brazil is, by far, the largest electricity market in South America, consuming as much energy as the other countries of South America together. In addition, about 70% energy in the country is generated by hydroelectric power plants, and the Brazil holds 58% installed hydroelectric capacity in South America. In 2011, 50% newly installed wind power in Central and South America came out of Brazil.

About to Hatch

The Hatch is a company with equity participation from developers, multidisciplinary, that provides strategic consulting and technical services, technology of information, Engineering, development processes and project management for construction and mining, Metallurgy, Energy and infrastructure for more than 80 years. With project experience in more than 150 countries around the world and 11.000 employees in approximately 65 offices, the company has more than $ 35 billion in projects currently under its management. For more information, visit

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