Movilway launches new mobile commerce solutions in Latin America

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MOVILWAY LOGOThe Movilway, leader in distribution of electronic payments and principal distributor of reloading in Latin America, released three new mobile commerce solutions, that drive the financial inclusion and foster the use of technology in the region. These solutions arrive to meet a great need, Since approximately 80% Latin American population does not have access to bank accounts, but more than 90% has mobile and 85% using prepaid services.

“Movilway's vision is to promote financial inclusion of millions of people who do not have credit cards or bank accounts and supporting microentrepreneurs with financing tools and technology that help them grow and run your business”, said the Manager General of Movilway, Dan Cohen. “We are in a unique position to do so, Thanks to our knowledge of the region and our innovative technology”, said.

These new solutions combine mobile technology with electronic transactions, promoting electronic commerce and the use of innovative technologies, both for final consumers as for microentrepreneurs.

The Movilway offers recharge products in more than 10 countries and this service are the new solutions of Movilway, which include:

Movilway And- Wallet — is a portfolio Electronics enabling the payment of basic services, as water, light, telephone and gas, between other, In addition to making payments to shops, transfer money and more, more efficiently, convenient and secure than with the use of money, Since it avoids the risk of theft, the displacement of people and the wait in queues. This initiative is already in operation in Venezuela and is, In brief, in Mexico, Argentina and Peru.“MoviPin” — It is an alternative that allows people to pay to shop easily and securely over the Internet, no need to submit financial information. O “MoviPin” is a code that can be purchased, through cash payment, in any establishment of Movilway. Later, the person can use this same code in a virtual store, to pay for purchasing products. O “MoviPin” available, briefly, in THEhile, ArMoviPin and Ecuador.“Super Tienda” — streamlines the distribution of micro-enterprises, benefiting trade and distribution companies in Latin America. The company makes a point of sale tablet with a special application for the sale of physical products and electronics, In addition to a printer and a bar code reader, to facilitate the inventory control, effectively and organised. This provides for microentrepreneurs and their distributors the ability to obtain an improved process of supply, inventory, sales and customer loyalty, easily and securely. THE “Super Tienda” will benefit the microentrepreneurs in Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, with expansion, In brief, for the other countries in which the Movilway already operates.

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In just two years, the Movilway got a growth of 480 per cent, with a transaction volume of 120 million and 80.000 points of sale throughout the region. Currently, the company is present in 10 countries and plans to maintain its growth strategy, in order to achieve the 14 countries by the end of this year.

About Movilway

The Movilway is the leading electronic payments company and the most important distributor of reloading in Latin America. The Movilway offers payment services via mobile telephony in the region. Its broad multinational integration allows the employment of innovative technology at the point of sale and by clients. Its network of affiliated shops, containing more than 80.000 micro-enterprises, its flexible solutions, competitive technology and its presence and knowledge of Latin America makes it the natural solution for electronic payment people without access to bank accounts.

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