GSMA receives additional funding for the program Mobile Money

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GSMA   LogoThe GSMA today announced that it has received $ 9,8 additional millions of Bill & Melinda Gates, the Mastercard Foundation and the Omidyar Network to continue the successful Mobile Money Programme for people without access to banking services (MMU – Mobile Money for the Unbanked) for a period of three years until 2015.

“A decade ago, mobile money services for people without access to banking services did not exist, However, Thanks to the investment of charitable organisations and individuals, the innovation and skill of the operators of mobile services and integration and collaboration services provided by GSMA's MMU programme and other partners, our research has shown that at least 60 million customers have registered for mobile money services”, said Chris Locke, Executive Director of the Fund of Development the GSMA.

The three main objectives of the programme MMU are supporting mobile networks operators (Available – mobile network operators) to identify, create and share best practices on how to scale implementations of mobile money services serving sustainably customers without access to banking services; evaluate and promote mechanisms for mobilization of economies of scale throughout the ecosystem of mobile money services; and equip the mobile service operators to successfully defend and establish regulatory environments that enable contribute sustainably to financial inclusion.

Key findings of the Global Survey on the adoption of mobile Money service 2011

The GSMA today announced the results of Global Survey on the adoption of mobile Money service 2011, the most complete overview as of the date of adoption by customers of mobile money services worldwide. Fifty-two mobile money service providers in 35 countries participated in the survey, which showed that in June 2011:

Sixty million customers were registered for mobile money services;Eleven services reported more than 1 million registered customers and, together, These services accounted for 85 percent of registered clients reported in research;Three of the eight services of growth faster identified by research are offered by operators with less than 25 percent of mobile market share in their countries;The participants of this survey include almost 264.000 mobile money services agents, 22 percent more than in December 2010;About 142 million transactions were processed and, These, 29,8 millions were payments as transfers from person to person (P2P), account payments and payments by volume; eSessenta and eight percent of functional transactions processed (e.g.: P2P transfers, account payments, volume payments and purchases of credits) credits were refills, with 27 percent of P2P transfers and payments, making her the most common payment transaction.

The main goal of Global Research on the adoption of mobile Money service 2011 was to provide a more accurate view of the extent of adoption of mobile money services by consumers from around the world. Many decisions that operators of mobile services, investors (both financial and philanthropic), policymakers and advocates of financial inclusion take depend on assumptions about the current size of mobile money services industry and its prospects for growth; in this way, the generation of better data on customer adoption should improve the effectiveness of all these interest groups. A complete analysis of the survey results is available at

About the GSMA

The GSMA represents the interests of operators of mobile services worldwide. Covering more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 Mobile service operators from around the world, as well as more than 200 the broader mobile ecosystem companies in, including manufacturers of handsets, software companies, equipment suppliers, Internet companies and media organizations and entertainment. The GSMA also produces industry-leading events such as the Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) and the Mobile Asia Congress (Mobile Asia Congress).

For more information, visit the Mobile World Live (Mobile World live), the online portal for the mobile communications industry, in the address or the GSMA Corporate Website, in the address

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