Game Change Rio: Ruin the world or save the planet?

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A game diferente está sendo lançado esta semana: Players can ruin the world or save the planet using the different options based on actual data not yet published. The game in Facebook aims to get people to demand actions rather than just talk at the Conference Rio 8:0 pm Jun.

Game Change River is an excellent way to learn about the complexities faced by the planet currently. “The more people understand the issues involved, the more chances we have to change the game”, said Hans Herren, World Food Prize award winner (World Food Prize) in 1995, and one of the initiators of the game.

There are approximately 20 years ago, the Earth Summit, the United Nations Conference held in Rio de Janeiro, sounded the alarm about the future of our planet. Very little has changed since then and the Rio 20 was convened to address the issue of global inertia and provoke the necessary changes. But this Conference following faces many interests and only with the strong public pressure there is hope for changing the game.

“We created the ‘ Change Game River’ to pass the message to people who couldn't achieve with other channels”, said Herren. So this game is truly global, is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. A trip to the Rio Conference expects the player with the highest score and other awards will be handed out to Champions downloads.

The Game Change Rio gives access to real-world data, so far, were only available to the experts and legislators. Based on the Millennium Institute ’ s Green Economy Model (Green Economy model of the Millennium Institute), commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP – Environment program United Nations), the game includes all the relevant sectors of the world economy and the natural resources available. All these elements are connected and the effects of policies are seen with all its complexities. The model has more than 5.000 indicators and with the 125 policy cards» the game has more than 100 millions of possible outcomes.

The Game Change Rio, the idea of Biovision – Foundation for ecological Development, CodeSustainable and the Millennium Institute, aims to disseminate knowledge about these issues that need to be addressed so that future generations can enjoy life on this planet and proposes solutions to the problems that we are facing today.

To play the game, for more information, opportunities de entrevistas e fotos, visit

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