Babylon-Enterprise enters the mobile world: now available on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone

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Babylon Enterprise Snapshot ArchitectureBabylon-Enterprise, world leader in providing access to enterprise information with a single click, está agora disponível em todas as main plataformas de devices móveis.

“In today's business world, It is essential to have quick access to organization information, anywhere, anytime. The expansion of Babylon-Enterprise to all mobile platforms enables our customers to obtain information and important data needed to take decisive business decisions wherever they are”, explains Liat Sade – Sternberg, Vice President of sales and marketing of Babylon.

THE Babylon-Enterprise offers increased individual productivity. With a single click in any text on the screen, all relevant information is delivered instantly to the user, without having to switch tools or applications.

THE Babylon-Enterprise is the perfect solution for complex systems. The solution provides a simplified approach to our clients gather the data and business processes of systems like SharePoint and SalesForce, aggregated on a single screen. This enables users to quickly check the results and respond in a short time to the environments and business needs, in constant transformation.

“Knowledge management and access to knowledge are fundamental to ensure the company's future. Babylon-Enterprise is playing a significant role in this respect Schaeffler”, commented Paul Sere, Knowledge Management Director of the Schaeffler Group.

Among our clients are Petrobras, Alstom, Usiminas, John Deere, SAP, Elbit , Schaeffler and many more.

The new innovative solution Babylon-Enterprise is a secure solution, cloud-ready and supports the latest operating systems on the market.

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